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Stay tuned as Wemaygo builds out our Advisory practice. We'll share stories of: helping internal teams build out their own recruiting capability, helping teams build and manage customer panels, mentorship on ethical participatory design practices, and how to design compelling stories based on your research insights.

Public Consultation

We're designers and researchers. We've delivered hundreds of strategic projects that have incorporated qualitative research and recruiting tactics. We're most passionate about incorporating voices into high-impact projects. We work with community builders, architects and capital planning teams to craft great visions that reflect the needs of all stakeholders. 

Recruiting Capability Building

The industry is shifting, and we're happy to help your team learn to expect more from recruiting firms. We can help build recruitment briefs, and research plans, and discuss the information you should have in place before engaging participants in research,

Panel Management Coaching

Many in-house teams see the value in managing a core customer panel. When you do large recruits and treat participants with dignity and respect, they often want to stay connected with our clients. Let us show you how to manage and retain these great relationships. 

Ethical Participatory Design

Workshops, co-creations, and ride-a-longs are all forms of qualitative research experiences. Many of these serve as milestones within projects. We're here to advocate for participatory design: more involved ways to get end-users to build and shape with you during the project.

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