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Find Your Community. Seamlessly Plan Research.
Make Great Things.

At Wemaygo, we believe that research needs to benefit all stakeholders.


We work for organizations that know great strategy starts with great inputs.


Our teams help recruit your target participants and manage the process so that these communities are treated with dignity and respect.


Our teams are embedded in the communities we work within. We maintain a North American network of community ambassadors, alliance organizations, and research partners. All of which are compensated for their involvement.




End-to-end Process Administration

Seamless Timeline


Our Mission

Wemaygo is a B2B research recruitment firm that is dedicated to helping underrepresented populations participate in research studies. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a voice in research and that the insights gained from our studies benefit all parties involved. We believe that great research starts with rigorous recruitment methods that prioritize the experience for the participants. Great inputs make a difference, and we are committed to making that difference through our work.

Average recruit time: 10 days
Average sample size: 45 persons
Average honorarium: $150 pp
Client Satisfaction Score: 100%

Our Partners

At Wemaygo, we work with a range of clients and partners to connect underrepresented populations with research opportunities. Most clients celebrate our partnership as a pillar of their ESG strategies. 

Scarborough Centre for Health Communities is a partner organization.
Metrolinx is a partner organization.
FoC Box 2.png
Manitoba Possible is a partner organization.
Public Works is a partner organization.

What We Offer

At Wemaygo, our process is powered by tech, but we lead with a compassionate touch that provides a dignified process for both research teams and participants. 

A person looking for a participant.

1. Find Participants

We manage networks of organizations across a diversity of demographics and lived experience. Our teams prioritize in-person, community-centered recruitment channels. 

An image of graphs and charts.

2. Screen Participants

We manage and vet the recruitment pool to ensure your participants fit your criteria and have the information to actively engage and consent to the process.

A participant running across the finish line with a Wemaygo employee cheering them on.

3. Manage Participant Experience

The administrative burden of booking, rescheduling, moving dates, etc. falls on the shoulders of our teams. You tell just us when and how you're conducting your research.

A man being compensated with credit cards and gift cards.

4. Compensate Participants

Transparent compensation is paramount to our work. We know that it can be difficult to provide honorarium through an organization's compliance policies. Wemaygo handles the honorarium for you.

Wemaygo has been an invaluable partner in our projects. They have helped us connect with participants and provided us with the admin we needed so that our team can focus on other DEI initiatives.

Join Our Community

At Wemaygo, we are committed to helping underrepresented populations participate in research studies. Join our network as a participant, alliance member organization, or community ambassador today and make a difference.



Secure Data Storing

Flexible Involvement

Wemaygo is committed to fair and transparent compensation. This helps us: 

Guarantee our work

All projects come with a committment to secure your target sample, or you get the delta back in a discount.

Report honestly

We work with research teams to ensure that the participants accurately reflect the goals of the project. 

Build strong bonds

Leading compensation practices allows us to find great participants that can't typically afford to participate. 

Work quickly

Getting away from email rosters and into real communities allows us to find participants an average of 3x faster.

Give back

At the end of each year, we commit our profits back to the communities we worked with. 

Be inclusive

We recognize the unique needs of the participants we work with, your admin process from screening to comfort calls are tailored for each need.

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